Standardize electric submersible pump (ESP) data to reduce total operating costs.


Utilize the Agora Platform’s embedded data contextualization system to standardize data sets.


  • Reduce total operating costs by minimizing the number of data analysis systems required to standardize data acquired from ESPs manufactured by various vendors.
  • Decrease ESP downtime by using real-time data to quickly initiate corrective actions.
The Agora Platform includes an advanced data contextualization system, which can be used to standardize data sets. When using ESPs manufactured by various vendors, data sets acquired from ESPs must be standardized to ensure consistency. Currently, operators must use multiple data analysis systems to standardize this data. The Agora Platform’s embedded data contextualization system eliminates the need for multiple data analysis systems, thus reducing total operating costs. Standardized data sets provided by the Agora Platform are delivered in real time, thus enabling operators to quickly initiate corrective actions and minimize costly ESP downtime.

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