Managed Services That Deliver Exponential Value

Agora’s managed services are designed to ensure operators maximize the full potential of their edge ecosystem. From initial AgoraGateway deployment to the ongoing management of edge ecosystems and data transmission, Agora’s managed services provide a robust and scalable infrastructure that redefines the power of edge computing.

Edge Device Management Services

AgoraOps services provide full access to the Edge Device Management (EDM) software, as well as continuous support from the Edge Operations Center.

Agora’s EDM software securely and seamlessly provisions, monitors and provides 24/7 surveillance across the edge ecosystem. Agora’s Edge Operations Center and experienced edge field experts manage your edge ecosystem from initial deployment through ongoing management and surveillance. 


Data Transmission Services

AgoraConnect transmits data from field devices to the cloud, where it is contextualized, organized, visualized and transformed into actionable insights that redefine field operations.


The Agora Platform

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