Connects to any field device
Connects to any industry standard data environment
Agora Marketplace for open innovation


Security built into the system design
Continuous monitoring, early detection and warning for cyber threats
Cyberattack incident response and remedial actions


Agile edge computing platform
Independently manages multiple field applications

Remote device & software management

The Gateway to Edge Intelligence

By harnessing the power of edge computing and data analytics, Agora provides a gateway to edge intelligence. With an open, secure and scalable platform, Agora edge IoT solutions enable to reduce nonproductive time, minimize HSE risk, enhance production and lower total operating costs.

At the center of the platform is the AgoraGateway ruggedized edge computing device, which collects, analyzes and transmits data from field devices to the enterprise in real time. Edge Apps—domain-specific workflows and algorithms—are deployed to the gateway, enabling insights to be derived on location. Working in tandem with the platform’s middleware, software and data transmission solutions, the AgoraGateway also enables real-time connectivity to data ecosystems—revealing actionable insights that transform oilfield operations.

The Agora platform’s real-time data visualization interface delivers a full view of the edge ecosystem. The platform is supported with edge device management and cybersecurity services, which ensure the edge ecosystem is safeguarded and operating at its full potential. 

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