The AgoraGateway

The AgoraGateway ruggedized edge computing device is the center of the Agora platform. Powerful, intelligent and extensible, the AgoraGateway collects, integrates and transmits data from any field to device to the enterprise. Edge Apps, domain-specific workflows and algorithms, can be deployed to the gateway to enable insights derived on location. Working in tandem with the platform’s middleware, software and data transmission solutions, the AgoraGateway also enables real-time connectivity to data ecosystem—revealing the actionable insights needed to transform field operations.

Design and Operation 

With decades of experience in the oilfield, the Agora team knows the tough conditions our hardware must endure to meet the needs of field operations. The AgoraGateway is designed to operate in the most challenging and remote environments. Built on industry standards, the ruggedized edge computing device meets all environmental requirements for temperature, shock and vibration. The enclosure of the AgoraGateway is NEMA 4X IP 66 certified for outdoor use.

The AgoraGateway connects to field devices using standard industrial protocols. AgoraConnect data transmission services provide multiple connectivity options to ensure data collected at the edge is connected to the enterprise. With cellular (4G LTE), satellite and Ethernet connection capabilities, the AgoraGateway delivers seamless, real-time communication between the edge and enterprise.

Intrinsically Secure

A strong security policy is an integral component of any edge ecosystem. The AgoraGateway was designed with security in mind from the start.

The AgoraGateway minimizes hardware vulnerability. The physically hardened gateway allows only necessary services to run and disable all other ports, and its robust security policy ensure that only approved applications can run on the device. For an extra layer of security, the gateway utilizes an advanced configuration that only permits outbound connections to known and trusted internet locations.

Each AgoraGateway is deployed in a unique and highly trusted manner. This approach safeguards the device and eliminates the risk associated with default configurations and credentials. The gateway’s hardware-based root of trust utilizes the TPMv2.0 cryptographic chip to deliver secure communications with the cloud, minimizing the risk of attackers comprising the device and gaining access to critical data. Federation and secure hardware tokens ensure that only authorized entities can access data and perform actions.

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The Agora Platform

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