Driving dynamic intelligence to the edge

Agora offers dynamic intelligence to the field with edge AI and IoT solutions. As the only E&P-specific edge AI solutions provider, Agora delivers real-time remote operations and intelligent asset solutions that bridge the gap to a more sustainable and safe field with a lower carbon and human footprint while increasing operation efficiency and productivity.

Achieve your operational goals

Reduce cost of operations

Increase production

Improve safety and efficiency of people and equipment

Reduce emissions and carbon footprint

How Agora is different

The edge AI platform, designed specifically for the oil and gas and broader energy industry, is built upon three main pillars: openness, security, and ability to scale.

Successful edge AI solutions for our industry must be open—meaning they are capable of working with field equipment from any manufacturer. Additionally, data generated in the field is transmitted to an open data ecosystem, or to proprietary data ecosystems.

Edge AI and IoT solutions for this industry must also be secure—by design and in operation, from the field to the cloud. The Agora edge AI solutions platform uses best practices to ensure both software and hardware security, which also encompasses data access and transmission.

Finally, because of the complexity of the industry, edge AI and IoT solutions must be scalable. Agora’s robust infrastructure and technology platform is agile, with the ability to independently manage multiple operational use cases while also facilitating edge device management through remote tools and over-the-air updates.


Connects to any field device
Connects to any industry standard data environment
Agora Marketplace for open innovation


Security built into the system design
Continuous monitoring, early detection and warning for cyber threats
Cyberattack incident response and remedial actions


Agile edge computing platform
Independently manages multiple field applications

Remote device & software management

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