Delivering Intelligence to the Edge

Agora leverages the actionable insights revealed by data to improve decision-making and deliver fast-loop control workflows to the edge. With a uniquely designed architecture, the Agora platform's software and middleware unlock the full power of edge computing in the field.

AgoraCore Open and Extensible Middleware  

The AgoraCore extensible middleware manages remote gateway updates and leverages containerized microservices to integrate Edge Apps onto the AgoraGateway. The AgoraCore is also home to the Agora Software Development Kit (SDK), which enables developers to code and integrate applications onto the Agora platform.

AgoraVision Real-Time Data Visualization Interface
The AgoraVision interface provides a full view of the edge ecosystem. Users can access the interface via either mobile or desktop to gain access to visualized, real-time edge intelligence.
AgoraConnect Data Transmission Services 
AgoraConnect sends edge data to the cloud, where it is contextualized, organized, visualized and transformed into insights that can be used to optimize operations.


A Framework Open for Innovation

The Agora platform is built on an open framework that enables the development of customized solutions for the most critical field challenges. Agora utilizes containerized microservices to deploy these solutions quickly, securely and easily onto the AgoraGateway.  

The Agora Marketplace is a thriving hub for edge innovation. The marketplace features qualified apps for a variety of oil and gas and broader energy use cases.

The Agora Platform

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