Securing Your Edge Ecosystem

An edge computing platform is only as effective as it is secure. That’s why safeguarding your edge ecosystem was considered during every phase of the Agora platform design. We apply rigorous best practices from IEC, NIST, CSA, ISA, IIC and OWASP to put security at the forefront of our platform. Through AgoraSecure managed cybersecurity services, have the confidence that your edge ecosystem is secure by design and in operation.

Secure By Design

The Agora platform’s built-in security design controls and compliance reporting dashboard reduce exposure to attacks. With secure identity and storage, secure communications, and federated authentications and authorizations, every layer of the Agora platform is safeguarded.

Secure In Operations

With AgoraSecure, a strong device security management policy ensures that your edge ecosystem is fully protected while in operation. Device security management includes live security updates, policy-based access control and cloud-based certificate management capabilities.


Tailored To Your Security Needs

AgoraSecure safeguards your edge ecosystem using proven best practices and the most stringent security standards. Choose the tier of protection that meets your unique requirements.

The Agora Platform

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