An operator combined cameras with machine learning enabled by the AgoraGateway to significantly reduce HSE exposure and opex.


An operator wanted to reduce HSE exposure of technicians who travel to a remote rig for manual data acquisition of analog gauges. There wasn’t a distributed control system on the rig, resulting in inefficient process surveillance for immediate intervention and optimization. Because of the manual process to collect the gauge data, there was a lack of continuous processing of the variable data, so troubleshooting and optimization were limited.


Agora deployed cameras, connected to the AgoraGateway, to enable real-time visualization of analog gauge data on the rig. The cameras were positioned facing the multiple analog gauges to enable reading the production on the rig. Agora then applied a machine learning algorithm to digitize the analog gauge information into a real-time dashboard to process the continuous stream of variable data.


The solution delivered a remote interface that immediately improved production surveillance. The continuous processing of high-frequency data enabled new optimization workflows with fewer trips to the remote rigs for surveillance. This greatly reduced HSE exposure while lowering opex.

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