An operator in the Permian Basin utilized remote monitoring and edge computing of multiphase flowmeter data to prioritize anomalous wells, proactively schedule field visits to minimize downtime, and enhance optimization workflows.


Meters not connected to a SCADA system require manual data gathering. An operator was sending personnel to the field every day to read data from flowmeters, resulting in unnecessary HSE exposure and occasional human error in the reporting. A third-party service provider was also regularly sending people to the field to check the health and calibration of the meter. Because of the quantity of meters in the field and the need for a constant data stream to manage their fiscal allocation, the information the operator was able to capture was limited and infrequent, resulting in failed equipment or deferred production.


With cellular coverage avaliable at the well site, Agora recommended installing an AgoraGateway and running the MPFM Advisor application to remotely visualize the data from the flowmeters, granting easy access to the data for production engineers to optimize their artifical lift strategy. The MPFM Advisor application enables operators to visualize minute-by-minute high-frequency data from any mobile device or computer along with setting up intelligent alerts based on well condition parameters. The edge application on the AgoraGateway uses analytics to identify if a meter has lost memory or been reset.


With minimal capex involved, the solution from Agora was implemented, and the operator began running the MPFM Advisor application with intelligent alerts. The operator was able to prioritize data from the flowmeters to proactively manage the well conditions while reducing field visits. The minute-by-minute visualization was easily available on mobile devices, and well profiles could be switched within the application. The service provider also benefited from access to the data, and enabling proactive recalibration of the meters to reduce fiscal allocation errors. The solution reduced field visits by 30% per month, resulting in minimized HSE exposure. Due to the increased uptime, the operator realized a 3% improvement in production on 20 wells, an increase of 14,000 bbl over the first year.

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