Cairn Oil & Gas, Vedanta Ltd. operates the majority of its satellite field wells with rod pumps and needs to regularly monitor the wells to reduce downtime. These satellite wells were not digitally enabled for continuous monitoring and management of the rod pumps, and the lack of data availability resulted in downtime and production loss.


Cairn hired a third-party crew for maintenance and daily data monitoring for the satellite field and to deliver the rod pump data to the petroleum engineer. The third-party crew traveled over 50 km daily and still wasn’t able to cover all the wells every day. Despite rigorous data collection by the third-party crew, only discrete data was available, which was insufficient for rod pump optimization, and all decisions were made based on the discrete data points.


To meet the challenges of continuous monitoring and optimizing the wells, Agora recommended the Rod Lift Advisor solution on its open and secure platform. The solution runs a machine learning algorithm at the edge to classify dynacards and enable smart alerts that proactively notify users if anomalies are found when monitoring data. Rod Lift Advisor also enables remote control of the rod pumps from anywhere.


Using the Rod Lift Advisor solution, Cairn leveraged the machine learning capabilities to feed a minute-by-minute dynamometer card of the pump through a deep-learning model to classify the status of the rod pumps in the field. Based on previous production data, Agora developed and implemented an algorithm to detect anomalies in the pumping operation and send smart alerts to designated users via e-mail. This process enabled a single petroleum engineer to have a 24/7 view of the pump’s health and instead of spending their time in collecting, cleaning, and analyzing the data, they could directly implement corrective actions to optimize production. Cairn was able to reduce anomaly downtime up to 70% for the Agora-connected wells. Because of the inherent flexible nature of the Agora platform, the operator can keep building upon the intelligent algorithms as additional anomalies arise. This gives operators the ability to scale the solution and to have confidence to optimize the operation of their remote fields.

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