Elevate the safety status of the rig-site with Agora Video Intelligence which leverages novel AI based computer vision to provide real-time safety and security violation detections. The solution computes the live rig state from real-time drilling data and video feeds, assesses potential risks, activates the rig-floor red zones and notifies any safety violations locally through noise and visual alerts. The solution also monitors the right usage of the Personal Protective Equipment to prevent unnecessary hazards on the rig site.

Developed By

  • Agora


  • Enable real time monitoring of the rigs with red zone alerts
  • Detect non-compliant usage of Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) to protect against hazards
  • Notify anomalies with local noise or visual alerts/alarms
  • Installation and model customization services included (wherever applicable)
  • Supports remote locations (e.g., offshore) with low connectivity

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