Lavoro Tank monitors and records level, interface, current volume, temperature, and inflow/outflow volumes for tanks and tank groups. The application makes alerting and real-time data easily accessible to improve operational efficiency and reduce overflows. Haulers and field personnel can be prioritized and scheduled to visit specific sites based on fill volume trends or only when needed.  It can provide an accurate “virtual metering” calculation of volume transferred during a drawdown, even while there are simultaneous inflows into the tank(s). This capability works well for fluids sold on allocation or water systems that are typically run without traditional flow meters.

Combine Lavoro Tank with Lavoro Ticket to create a complete fluid management solution.

Developed By

  • Lavoro Technologies


  • Alerts in real-time
  • Supports both traditional flow meters and calculated “virtual metering”
  • Easy to use interface on local HMI or mobile device
  • Provides remote manage-by-exception capabilities and role-based visualizations of operational information
  • Works with other Lavoro menu-driven applications available through Agora to solve a variety of problems from the field to the office

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