PCP Advisor monitors the status of a progressing cavity pump and performs real-time analytics to optimize the production and mitigate damaging conditions. Agora’s analytical model is not based on thresholds like many controllers are today, instead we use bubble plots and machine learning to derive meaning and context to the data being captured in real time. With this application, the user is enabled to perform speed changes and startup and shut off the pump in an intelligent manner by understanding the production challenge the pump is facing. This brings a big step change to handling solids, no flow, and other dynamic events your pump may face.

Developed By

  • Agora


  • Achieve 24/7 surveillance of critical PCP parameters along with production parameters.
  • Real time computation of correlation coefficient between 2 parameters of interest and plotting as bubble plot to identify candidates not behaving as expected in real time.
  • Remote control of wells & autonomous actions
  • Reduce miles driven to well sites and monitoring efforts
  • Advance intelligence review with defined input
  • Task management that leads to proactive well management

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