Non-intrusive flow monitoring system that works in multiphase presence, pipes partially filled with liquid, and standardized to be installed in almost any diameter. It is self-powered and counts with a hybrid satellite and cellular telemetry system incorporated. This technology allows customers in any part of the globe, to monitor 24/7 flow rate and pipe wall temperature. The powerful telemetry system also allows transmitting variables from any other 4-20 mA device, like pressure sensors, or through Modbus from the incorporated RS485 port like Variable Frequency Devices (VFDs).

It is an embedded technology that runs a local edge computing about the behaviour of the waves emitted by the transducer and processes such data through a complex Machine Learning and Artificial Intelligence architecture in the cloud.

This disruptive technology allows customers to reduce their lifting cost between 0.5 to 2 usd/bbl.
Example uses: cost optimization, easy balance of liquids on surface, flowback and water management, improve HSE ratios and help customers to reduce their emissions footprint too.

Developed By

  • Carbic


  • Easy installation process normally takes only 20 minutes and require no post maintenance
  • Non-intrusive flow sensor, adaptable to OD from 1-1/2” to 180” (same equipment for all)
  • Flow accuracy of 95% +/-2% in multiphase, up to 98% in single phase
  • Flow sensor with integrated pipe-wall temperature sensor (UltraFlow) plus optional pressure sensor (TriSense)
  • Advanced satellite and cellular telemetry built in and self powered through a solar panel
  • Ultra-efficient solution for all weathers (-20ºC to 60ºC)
  • Intrinsically safe & non-incendive C1D2 - SGS certified

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