DrillVediK is dataVediK’s drilling optimization platform providing full life cycle closed-loop optimization of well drilling operations from planning to real-time to post-operations analysis, using a seamless integration of drilling domain with the power of Machine Learning and AI.

DrillVediK Smart Well Monitoring, Reporting & Optimization app provides comprehensive Rig/Well performance report as an interactive dashboard with both historical and real-time data which the drilling performance coaches can use to visualize, analyze, predict and optimize the various KPIs and operational parameters and further investigate potential areas of improvement to minimize ILT and NPT.

DrillVediK ROP prediction app focuses on optimizing Well planning and real time drilling operations by improving the methodology by which the ROP is planned for next well, while achieving drilling efficiency without damaging the borehole, the trajectory, and the drill-string. It improves the reliability of ROP prediction which coupled with NPT and ILT prediction leads to an optimized well plan, followed by real time drilling optimization and NPT prevention. The Oil and Gas operators and Drilling Contractors can use the ROP prediction app to get a realistic estimate of the speed at which they can drill, given their drilling plan parameters, the geology of the area and their past behavior. They can also change their plan parameters iteratively, review the impact on the resulting ROP and thus use the process to select the optimal parameters required for achieving the best ROP.

Developed By

  • dataVediK


  • Smart Well Monitoring, Reporting & Optimization
    • Monitor the current state of the ongoing drilling operations. Navigate to any current or historical well for more information
    • High level overview of the actual Well Drilling Operation versus the Plan and the Benchmark
    • Deep dive into each section to understand micro level KPIs and identify the main drivers of ILTs and NPTs
    • Analyze real time operation sensors data to identify anomalies like washout, losses etc.
    • Monitor tripping speed and connection time performance by section, operation and run
    • Visualize pre-connection, connection, and post-connection times by section and crew to identify areas of inefficiency e.g. excessive back-reaming before connection
    • Monitor the well delivery performance across different wells and sections by comparing their Average ROP, On-bottom ROP and Connection times
  • ROP Prediction
    • Recommend drilling parameters for best ROP performance based on historical data
    • Visualize the Planned trajectory.
    • Reduce Operation costs. Make faster and reliable drilling decisions.
    • Automated data pipeline to support re-training of models with new data
    • Live visual dashboard showing raw and processed data, traditional drilling KPIs, Data quality management, and ML Model performance

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