Connect, Analyze and Act on streaming data with an all-in-one and low code platform
Crosser is a real-time analytics, automation and integration engine for streaming data designed to simplify Industrial IoT projects by removing complexity and bring OT, IT and Data Science teams together in one environment. The all-in-one solution helps you to get insights, take actions and build automations and integrations faster and at a lower cost.

  1. Connect your IoT devices or other streaming or enterprise data sources
  2. Transform, filter, clean and enrich your data
  3. Add intelligent logic with event processing, conditions, custom code or ML models
  4. Use actions to build workflows with triggers, alerts & notifications
  5. Integrate to any Cloud services, storage and BI tools, SaaS Applications or enterprise system

Designed for Industrial and Enterprise IoT and applicable over a wide range of streaming data use cases, including:

  • Condition monitoring of Assets
  • Operational KPI and OEE calculations and generation
  • Machine data to Cloud
  • Vision based quality inspection
  • Factory floor integration
  • Machine to machine communication
  • Deployment of AI and ML models
  • Predictive maintenance
  • Advanced automation workflows

The platform is agnostic and fully flexible.

Developed By

  • Crosser


  • All-in-one functionality for collecting and processing streaming data gives full flexibility for
    different use cases
  • Low-code drag’n drop development for faster innovation without the need for software
    • Use a library of pre-built functionality modules and connectors
    • Interactive debugging tools to verify your streaming pipelines before deployment
    • Save your flows as FlowApps - templates to reuse
    • Build a flow from scratch in minutes or re-use existing flows in seconds
  • Full flexibility in data formats, no restrictions, neither in nor out
  • Cloud based Management & orchestration
    • Deployment and version control of all IoT data flows
    • Deploy real-time engines on-premise or cloud - inte the edge device or en virtual
  • Predictable cost in a pay-as-you-grow model

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